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Reima AI Design Sprint

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Alliance of Two Pioneers: Reima & Sherpa

Reima has always been a pioneer in the design and production of children’s clothing, which is clearly evident in their new product, the Osteri Jacket. The story of this award-winning winter jacket is of marine origin: Discarded oyster shells add warmth to the fabric, and the super warm insulation is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. Osteri jacket is the winner of both ISPO Award 2023 and Scandinavian Outdoor Award (SOA) for its superior performance. Reima wanted the marketing for this product to be just as groundbreaking and innovative, so they chose to partner with Sherpa.

"We're proud of our product and wanted our marketing campaign to match its caliber. That's why we decided to take a novel and unique approach by integrating artificial intelligence into the campaign's planning and execution with Sherpa."

Katri Sinisalo, Marketing Director, Reima.

AI Design Sprint

Reima has always been among the first to utilize innovations, which is evident in their teams’ desire to constantly improve their work. Reima’s marketing team wanted to explore various AI tools in more detail and understand how they could streamline their daily work and add value to consumer communication. Their choice was Sherpa’s ”AI Design Sprint”, a service tailored for any client challenge. Merging the power of diverse AI programs and Sherpa’s expertise, they embarked on a joint problem-solving journey.  At the beginning of the collaboration, Sherpa introduced Reima’s organization to the fascinating world of new AIs, after which they practiced, brainstormed, and implemented together.

Concept, ideas, images, texts and learning

As a result, Reima received an imaginative and distinctive campaign. AI offered a vast number of creative ideas, and the campaign’s outcome was surprisingly insightful. The visual imagery and the playful tagline “Shell Yes” created by AI, featuring jackets made from oyster shells, undoubtedly stands out in marketing channels. 

And the learning curve continues; Reima’s in-house team has further honed their skills, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the AI-dominated future.

"I think this has already changed the way we do our daily work."

Noora Tavares, Global Content Manager, Reima


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